Inclusive research gives everyone a voice

We see the inherent worth of every individual and foster an environment where differences  are cherished and celebrated

  • picture of pink attendee card

    20 challenges for a more inclusive future

    Rix Inclusive Research Institute hosts a hackathon to solve 20 health and wellbeing challenges

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  • four people

    Multi Me snapshots

    Five short case studies based on interviews conducted by our Capa interns, Greta and Emily

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  • virtual Japanese temple in real garden

    Nottinghamshire students get a taste of Japan

    Accessing literacy and cultural opportunities through augmented reality

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  • Young person showing Wiki on touchscreen

    Rix Wikis

    Easy-to-use software that uses a mind map design to create person centred multimedia websites

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  • UEL students in classroom

    Rix EasySurvey

    Accessible multimedia surveys – easy to make, fun to use and now available as a free trial with EasySurvey Lite

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    Rix Multi Me

    Our combined platform that offers Multi Me planning tools, including a Chat feature, alongside the Rix Wiki

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