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Our Wiki software uses multimedia and a mind-map design to enable people to build their own websites. Designed for ease-of-use and tested extensively with our diverse network of co-researchers, Rix Wikis are used by many young people with disabilities as a rich and engaging platform for their About Me information. Using video, pictures, sound and words, Wikis can capture the voice and aspirations of the individual and enable them to share their stories, preferences and goals with the key people in their life.

The Wiki also lets you add downloadable documents, display links to other websites and access Google maps. It can become a one-stop shop for the full range of information needed to get to know someone on their terms rather than through a service lens.

“Wikis offer a method for children with complex needs to explain some of those complexities in their own way, to record their needs and just do it once”

Eleanor Tweedie, Head of School

Digital advocacy

Rix Wikis and our accompanying range of training courses and workshops embed our Multimedia Advocacy approach. They are an effective and genuinely person centred tool that can be used to create plans for Education, Health & Care as well as for transitions like preparing for adulthood or seeking employment.

Wikis give ownership of the planning process to individuals and families, facilitating genuine collaboration between parents, teachers and professionals. Our partnerships with special schools, academies, leading service providers, local authorities and families across the UK have shown that our Multimedia Advocacy approach and Rix Wikis can produce better outcomes for people with learning disabilities.

Rix Wikis can also be used as public websites to provide information in an easy and accessible format. These may be about community activities, local services or health and wellbeing, for example.

Better outcomes

Our work has produced genuinely positive outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and their families and care professionals.

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Enriched communication
  • Greater independence
  • Increased self-advocacy
  • Better engagement
  • Boosted self-confidence

Creative activities

To find out more about using Rix Wikis to enhance creative activities at home and in school, check out our leaflet below

40 ideas for using Rix Wikis

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