A year of Rix EasySurvey

We caught up with the Inclusion North team to find out how they have been using our Rix EasySurvey software during the past year.

Inclusion North exists to make inclusion a reality for all people with a learning disability or autism and their families. They are a regional organisation working across the North East, Yorkshire and Humber regions.

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For those who don’t know, Rix EasySurvey is an accessible survey making tool. Perfect in its simplicity, EasySurvey is fun and easy to use. It’s exactly what you would expect from Rix software. There is also a fantastic free version of the software, EasySurvey Lite, which you can access and use today.

Inclusion North used EasySurvey to make sure the views and ideas of the people they support could be captured, documented and organised. Gathering this information as part of their person centred approach helps them make sure that the services they offer are appropriately designed for the people they work with.

The Inclusion North team shared their top 5 highlights of the software

1. Being able to put together an easy read survey with pictures is fantastic
2. The sound quality for each of the written questions is great
3. It’s easy to understand the data once people have completed their survey
4. The training guide that comes with the software is really useful
5. It is like no other survey we’ve found – really accessible

The team have also suggested developing the software to allow survey creators to download a printable version of the online survey. At Rix, this kind of feedback helps us to develop and improve our software and this ethos of co-production underpins the way we work with our partners. The team from Inclusion North are experts and we look to them to help us make our inclusive technologies even better.

Inclusion North’s goal of inclusion for all is a big and important challenge and we believe that our Rix EasySurvey software is helping to make this a reality.

Your council, clinical care group, charity, care organisation, school, or group can benefit in the same way by signing up for Rix EasySurvey. Making this reasonable adjustment will enable people to complete your accessible surveys and let you know what they think.
There are resources and links below to help you get started today. Before you know it, you’ll be sending out your first fully accessible survey to the people you want to hear from and whose views can help shape your service.

“Inclusion means everyone living good lives as valued members of society. We work to change society so that everybody can have a good life.”
Inclusion North

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