Architecture of Pharmacies: Counter Culture

Members of purpleSTARS, Samantha Walker, Ajay Choksi, and Kate Allen have been collaborating with UCL researcher Dr Ranjita Dhital to explore the Architecture of Pharmacies and they now have an exhibition, Counter Culture, at the Bromley By Bow Health Centre.

two exhibition stalls
The purpleSTARS pop-up sensory pharmacy

For this exhibition, purpleSTARS collaborated in the development of a pop-up sensory pharmacy and Samantha Walker shared her research at her local pharmacy. She also designed a series of artworks based on pills that were printed onto the cushions you can see below.

workshop group
Spot Samantha’s colourful cushions

The Counter Culture exhibition also hosted a series of events for everyone to share and discuss ideas for pharmacies of the future. Ajay and Samantha contributed to the discussion and added their ideas to a white feedback coat!

people in room and white coat on stand
The white feedback coat

CAPA Intern Charles Stewart shared his reflections on attending one of the events, Visioning an inclusive and creative future for pharmacies.

This event provided a thought-provoking and inspiring platform to imagine a future where pharmacies play a central role in promoting health equity and inclusivity. The exhibits and discussions emphasised the need for collaboration, creativity, and a commitment to understanding and serving the diverse needs of communities.

Charles Stewart, CAPA intern

The exhibition runs until Friday 7 June 2024.

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The exhibition is part of the London Festival of Architecture.