Digital inclusion – free MOT!

If you own a car, you’ll be familiar with the MOT, an annual health check for your vehicle that gives you pointers and advice about any repairs needed to keep your car running smoothly.

Rix have developed an MOT for your school or organisation. Our MOT checks your readiness to use new digital tools that could transform practice and improve outcomes for the people you teach and support.

Whether you feel your organisation is already using person centred, inclusive technology or has a little way to go, our audit will benchmark your current status and give you ideas to help you take the next steps towards digital inclusion.

We understand how busy people are, so our quick MOT is designed to be completed within a few minutes. Respond by selecting the statements which best describe your school or social care organisation.

Rix will use your responses to generate a unique report of your current status in the following areas:

  • Person centred practice and processes
  • Culture and confidence
  • ICT equipment and software
  • Connectivity

In addition to the report, we will include a set of corresponding actions to help you take the next step on your inclusive digital journey. These actions can form the basis of your organisation’s action plan.

If you are a school, multi academy trust or college, start here

MOT for schools 

If you are a social care provider, start here

MOT for social care

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