Keeping you and your data safe

Rix security

Thousands of people trust Rix software, regularly uploading images, videos and files to Wikis and EasySurveys. But how is this information kept safe and where does it all go?

Rix software is developed collaboratively with our expert partners KIM Software Solutions. KIM’s software production team are based near Stansted in Essex and have a proven track record in using the latest Microsoft technologies with national security agencies and a variety of other organisations.

Rix Wikis and Rix EasySurvey software run on a Microsoft platform called Azure. Azure is UK based and incorporates very high security standards. This means that your data associated with Wikis and EasySurvey is secured through a number of physical processes and technical approaches. You can read more about Microsoft’s security standards here:

Almost every local authority and NHS organisation uses or is in the process of moving to the Microsoft Azure platform. As KIM’s Managing Director, Bruce Kempton, explains, the choice of the Microsoft environment underlines our commitment to the security and reliability of Rix software.

KIM Software use Microsoft’s tried and trusted services to deliver the highest standards of data security, integrity and reliability. KIM also develop software for the Home Office and UK Blue-light services (emergency services) – and this same high level of security is built into the Rix Wiki.

Data security key points

  • Your data is stored in the UK using Microsoft Azure, and is subject to all UK data protection laws
  • Microsoft Azure is trusted by national and local Government and the NHS to deliver services
  • Microsoft Azure is GDPR compliant

We are constantly reviewing and updating our approach to security. You can find out more about our security policy by visiting our website.

Rix, along with KIM, use the highest standards of security with both Rix Wikis and Rix EasySurvey so you can use our software with confidence.