Life during lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on our ability to go about our day to day lives. There have been many challenges and there have also been many positives as we have found new ways of working and connecting with one another.

The purpleSTARS, a group of people from London with and without learning difficulties, aim to make museum experiences more inclusive through the use of sensory art and digital media. They have kept themselves busy during lockdown by collaborating with a group in Montreal, Canada, called FABULOUS STARS. FABULOUS STARS were inspired to form in response to the work of purpleSTARS and include members with and without learning difficulties from the Wagar Adult Education Center. They have recently started to work towards creating more inclusive experiences for museums in Montreal.

Over the last three months purpleSTARS and FABULOUS STARS have collaborated and documented their lives through digital media. The groups have connected with each other, creating artwork, food and music as a way of sharing their experiences of life during lockdown. They have captured these experiences in the form of a time capsule, the Lock Stars Wiki.

collage of activities and people
Images from the Lock Stars Wiki

Each group had 3 sections in the Lock Stars Wiki

  • Objects and activities that were important to them during lockdown
  • Music they were enjoying during lockdown
  • Food they cooked or enjoyed at home during lockdown

The purpleSTARS and FABULOUS STARS have come together virtually, talked to each other, supported each other and made new friends in another country. Together they have produced their unique Wiki, capturing a moment in time for all to see and in a way that includes and celebrates everyone.

Lock Stars Wiki

purpleSTARS website

Kanchan Kerai, The Rix Centre & Kate Allen, purpleSTARS