London is the place for me

Following the success of the purpleSTARS sensory exploration, London is the place for me, the Museum of London has offered to extend the show until 23 January 2022.

The purpleSTARS had been working on the project throughout lockdown, including attending 20 weekly Zoom meetings, so they’d been on quite a journey by the timeĀ London is the place for me opened in September 2021.

three men looking cool
Lee, Rufaro and Paul from the purpleSTARS

The Rix Centre invited people to the museum’s Talking Point gallery on Tuesday 30 November to celebrate the success and popularity of the sensory display.

This is a special display…specifically set up in a space in the museum where we can experiment and try things out for the first time and do things in a different way.

Vandana Patel, Museum of London

Over 800 visitors have already used Ultraleap’s unique touch-free technology to complete a Rix EasySurvey and give their feedback. 70% of visitors said that the display was interesting and prompted them to think about their own Londoner experience. Over 90% said that the display had increased their knowledge about the lives of Londoners in the past.

The project has been really fun and we should make museums fun. Allow people to learn, get up close and touch everything.

Samantha Walker, purpleSTARS

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