MYS pan-European virtual conference

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions, 24 teachers involved in the Me and Your Stories project (MYS) decided to hold a zoom meeting to share their experience of distance teaching and discuss how the MYS project can support them through these challenging times. The meeting took place on 19 May and was the first time the group had met up since they got together in Berlin in October 2019. The zoom session was hosted by Stana Schenck, one of our German partners, and a video of the meeting was shared on YouTube and added to the MYS Wiki.

MYS zoom meeting
MYS zoom meeting gallery view

Participants were encouraged to share their thoughts and reflections using one of the tools from the MYS toolbox, padlet.

Padlet was also used to share people’s locations on a map of Europe and each participant was given the opportunity to say a bit about their lockdown circumstances.

MYS locations
Where is everybody?

People shared their experiences of distance teaching in their respective countries and talked about the differences in local policy frameworks. Most teachers agreed that it would be good to have MYS webinars in different languages for teaching staff in the different countries, something the project has already started doing in Romania, Austria and Germany.

“We want our learners to stay connected and enjoy the new ways of schooling”

MYS project teacher

After such a positive experience online, the teachers are already planning a follow-up zoom in the autumn.

MYS toolbox

MYS lockdown stories competition