MYS lockdown stories competition

MYS TreeRix is part of a Europe-wide project called MYS – Me and Your Stories – which promotes multimedia approaches in the classroom to sharing personal stories in order to promote better understanding between learners of diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.

As part of this project we are asking people to share their lockdown stories with the chance of winning prizes for the best contributions. We want to know what people have been doing to stay safe, stay happy, stay busy and stay connected.

Stories can be captured in any format and we hope that the multimedia approaches we’ve been using with the project will encourage people to be creative with their entries.

Entries can be submitted by email to and the winning stories will be made public on the MYS project portal at

The deadline for the MYS competition is 5pm Friday 10 July.

The winners of the MYS lockdown stories competition will be announced at 2pm on Thursday 16 July during the MYS Heroes and Role Models zoom event.

Register for the event here: