Rix lights up Times Square

We were all thrilled to see the Rix Wiki logo splashed across Nasdaq’s impressive teal display in Times Square this week.  Nasdaq organised this with TechForce19 as a gesture of support for the Rix Centre’s work with the NHSx TechForce19 initiative.

The Rix Wiki logo on display in Times Square

As part of our Stay Connected project we are now evaluating and reporting on the Rapid Pilot we have been doing with 168 disabled people and their support teams from four care organisations across England and Wales. We hope to secure further funding for Stay Connected in order to scale up our digital solution for isolated and vulnerable people both during the Coronavirus lockdown and afterwards.

As part of this project we hope to develop public specifications and standards for the concept of an online support network for learning disabled people that enables and engages them so that they can stay connected, stay well and be supported remotely by health and care teams.

Watch this space for more Stay Connected updates.