Rix-MATICS project final update

As Phase 1 of the Rix-MATICS project draws to a close, we thought we’d share some of the findings from this six-month feasibility study.

The project worked with participants in the South West to trial the use of the Multi Me software platform across different sites as a way of sharing About Me information with integrated care services. The project’s aim was to find out how we could develop our software to complement integrated care provision and, at the same time, promote person centred practice.

These findings were captured as recommendations in the Rix Research project report submitted to the project funders.

We will be sharing these recommendations in due course as we map out our development pathway.

Throughout the project, we explored the potential benefits of using the Rix Multi Me software as a bridge between people with learning disabilities and autism, and the integrated care services they use. We could not have done this without the participation of our project partners, Havencare and Livewell Southwest, as well as our Inclusive Research team at the Rix Centre.

two women looking at screen
Kiran and Ros from Rix Inclusive Research

By using Multi Me to share practical solutions, provide easy read information, facilitate diary recording, send reminders and prompts, and integrate information into specialist consultations, individuals with disabilities can actively manage their health and well-being during the long waiting times that some services are experiencing. This can improve people’s engagement, self-care, and overall health outcomes, while also addressing the issue of long waiting lists.

As we await feedback from our funder we are keeping our fingers crossed that we are given the opportunity to move into Phase 2 and implement our extensive software development plan.

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Rix-MATICS is part of the SBRI Healthcare Autism & Learning Disabilities Competition for development funding. Phase 1 ran from Nov 2022 to April 2023.

SBRI Healthcare is an NHS England programme that looks at new technologies that could enable the NHS to access innovations that solve unmet needs. SBRI stands for the Small Business Research Initiative.

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