Stay at home and Stay Connected with the Rix Multi Me toolkit

A message for carers, support workers, teachers, health and social care staff, care providers, care homes, schools, colleges, day services and community organisations.

Stay Connected with the people who you support with a secure social network that can also work as a support network during the lockdown.

Using the Stay Connected software, you will be able to

  • message people you support in an accessible way
  • connect with people‚Äôs circles of support to work together
  • share pictures, videos, links and files
  • support people to use a diary, a calendar and a simple planner
  • use a Rix Wiki to share important wellbeing information
  • use easy surveys to check in with groups of people
Rix Multi Me toolkit
The Rix Multi Me toolkit works on computers, tablets and smartphones

The Buddy tool helps you keep people safe, enabling you to step in when necessary.

With its suite of mini-apps, Stay Connected will help you to support structured activity for people while they are staying at home.

Stay Connected is there to complement traditional channels of communication, like phone calls and video calls, rather than replace them.

Stay Connected is safe and easy to use.

Stay Connected will help us all feel less alone.

You can use the Stay Connected software on your

  • laptop or desktop computer
  • iPad or tablet
  • smartphone

Find out more

You can view or download a full text account of the Stay Connected project here (pdf)

Please contact us at the Rix Centre if you are interested in the Stay Connected package or have any questions about these tools and services.

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