The MYS Project – sharing our stories to build understanding and friendship

MYS teachers workshop

Rix Research & Media is part of a Europe-wide project called MYS – Me and Your Stories – which promotes multimedia approaches to sharing personal stories in the classroom in order to promote better understanding between learners of diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. The project partners come from Austria, Germany, UK, Slovakia and Romania. Together we are creating teaching resources and organising seminars and conferences for teachers and policy makers. The three year project is developing and implementing a MYS Toolbox for multimedia storytelling and retelling for inclusive education and to challenge prejudice and misunderstanding. The sharing of personal stories will celebrate the richness of our learners’ experiences and the diversity of our communities.

The project will produce schemes of work for schools, colleges and community organisations to use, alongside guidance and instructional materials. Teachers from across the partner countries are being invited to attend training sessions and share their ideas and practice. A shared Rix Wiki portal underpins the project, hosting the work that develops from workshops and the implementation of the MYS tools across our different countries.