Transition stories from Moving On Up!

Our recent Transitions event was an opportunity for members of the Rix Multi Me community to share the stories of how they have used our software.

Andy Minnion, Rix director, started things off by placing the event in the broader context of a Rix Multi Me community of practice that would meet every few months to share ideas and showcase examples. Today’s theme was Transitions and Andy reminded us of the importance of giving people a voice

When change comes along, that’s when it’s extra-critical that we’re genuinely listening to people with learning disabilities, with autism, with support needs. We need an account of people’s lives that’s in their own voice, and that’s where our tools and the multimedia advocacy approach can come to the fore.

Jeannie Donald-McKim and Joe Darko from Abingdon and Witney College talked us through the story of how Joe had used a Rix Wiki at school before moving on to college where they use Multi Me. Joe will soon transition into the community. Here is a shortened version of their presentation.

Another highlight from the event was David’s story, as told by his mum Rosemary. David’s transition involved moving house and having a new care provider,

Dawn Chatfield from MacIntyre Care was then invited to share her reflections on David’s story from a care provider’s point of view.

David’s transition has gone really, really well… a lot of it is due to using the Multi Me and all the information that mum’s provided for the new staff. The progress David’s made has been remarkable.

Charlie Levinson, Multi Me director, gave us a guided tour of the Rix Multi Me toolkit that David and Joe use and Craig Wilkie from the Rix team finished off with an introduction to Rix EasySurvey, our accessible survey software.

Watch the full event here

A big thank you to everyone who attended Moving On Up!