How can Rix Wikis help in challenging times?

As many schools and workplaces contemplate working from home, we wanted to remind you of the benefits of Rix Wikis to our existing clients.

We know schools are preparing activities and tasks for students to complete online and at home, should schools need to close. We are encouraging all of our clients to include Rix Wikis in their plans. Rix Wikis can be accessed from any internet connection, giving young people and their families an opportunity to work from home.

The following ideas are perfect for families and young people to complete at home:

  • Review your Wiki and make updates to the information it contains. This can be very useful to medical practitioners, should a young person need access to medical care.
  • Use your Wiki to record activities at home using videos and pictures. This will provide a record of learning which school and other organisations can also review.
  • Use Wikis to remind students about healthy lifestyles to reduce risk of illness, by asking them to create slides of key health and safety messages.

Rix Wiki Master Ajay Choksi has developed a helpful guide to staying healthy which can be viewed without the need for a username or password. Just visit

Ajay’s good hygiene advice
Ajay’s good hygiene advice

We encourage you all to check out Ajay’s guidance and to share this with young people, especially people with learning difficulties, as the information is designed to be accessible and easy to understand.

Many thanks,
Rix team