Hospital passports

This research project is looking at hospital passports for people with learning disabilities.

During the Discovery phase of the project our inclusive co-research team will

  • carry out an evaluation exploring the different hospital passports being used
  • make recommendations for moving forward to the Alpha phase of the project

A hospital passport is a document that is taken to hospital in an emergency situation. It outlines all the important information hospital staff need to know about a person and how to make them feel comfortable. Ideally everyone with a learning disability should have a hospital passport.

A hospital passport usually takes the form of a traffic light document which lists

  • Things you must know about me (red)
  • Things that are important to me (amber)
  • My likes and dislikes (green)

We will be looking at the different formats of hospital passports that are being used with the aim of finding out what works best. We are also keen to explore the potential of fully digital hospital passports.