Reflections from our interns

Our Capa interns from the United States, Charles, Greta, and Emily, reflect on their time at Rix and what they have learned here as their internship comes to an end.


As an American embarking on an internship at Rix Inclusive Research, I find myself immersed in a transformative experience that is not only growing my professional horizons but also enriching my personal growth. The opportunity to work with an organisation dedicated to promoting inclusivity and empowering individuals with learning disabilities has been both humbling and inspiring.

From the moment I arrived in the UK, I was struck by the welcoming nature of my colleagues at Rix Inclusive Research. Despite the initial challenges of adapting to a new culture and work environment, I quickly felt a sense of belonging within the team. The collaborative and supportive atmosphere fostered an environment where ideas were valued, and everyone’s contributions were recognised, regardless of their background or abilities.

Working alongside researchers, educators, and individuals with learning disabilities taught me the true meaning of inclusive research. The organisation’s commitment to co-production, where individuals with learning disabilities are actively involved in the research process, challenged my preconceptions, and highlighted the importance of amplifying diverse voices. Through this approach, I am witnessing firsthand how inclusive research can lead to more meaningful and impactful outcomes.

Living in the UK during my internship allows me to immerse myself in a rich cultural tapestry. Exploring the vibrant cities, historic landmarks, and picturesque countryside has expanded my worldview and provided a backdrop for personal growth. The experience of navigating a new country, forming friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, and embracing the local customs and traditions enriched my journey in ways I could not have anticipated.

In conclusion, my internship at Rix Inclusive Research in the UK has been a transformative journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery. It has not only equipped me with valuable professional experience but also instilled in me a deeper appreciation for the power of inclusive research and the importance of embracing diversity. When I return to the United States, I will carry with me a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to continue making a positive impact in the world.

Written by Charles Stewart, Capa intern

a group of people in a room
The Rix team (minus Janet)


Hi! My name is Greta Frattalone and I am from Minnesota. I am studying abroad and interning here in London for six weeks this summer. I was extremely nervous coming to a new country and not knowing anyone. I was worried about standing out and feeling like I won’t fit in. This worry eases as I get to know the city, its history, and the people here. I have been able to explore many markets, museums, and local restaurants. I have had the opportunity to visit many places within London, as well as travel out to cities such as Cambridge and Dover. It is so cool to see historical sites, as well as small shops I have never heard of before. Another big thing I have experienced for the first time is public transportation. Where I am from, everyone either drives or walks to their destination. Although the trains were hard to figure out at first, I definitely have the hang of them now! They are extremely convenient and something I will miss when I go back to the States.

My time at Rix has been nothing short of amazing. Interning at Rix has had a huge impact on making me feel more comfortable in this city. Everyone was super welcoming and excited to begin working with me. I have gained an insight into the workplace ‘norms’, which has helped me grow my cultural intelligence. It has been extremely interesting learning about what Rix does, and the effects it has had on people with lived experience of difference or disability. It is such an honour to be a part of an organisation that is trying to make the world a better place for those who have learning disabilities. The past few weeks have been great and I can already say that I am growing, and learning about how to work with people with lived experience. I am excited for what is to come!

Written by Greta Frattalone, Capa intern


Overall, my time in London has been great. I’ve loved exploring the city and all that it has to offer. I am never bored being here due to all of the activities on offer. One special aspect about my time in London is that I am not just here to be a tourist, I am able to work in London as an intern.

Working at Rix has been a great learning experience so far. My goals when starting this internship were to enhance my communication and soft skills that will help me in my future career. Even though I have only been working at Rix for a few weeks, this has already helped me develop those skills. Sitting in various meetings has allowed me to witness a professional working environment and develop the skills necessary to thrive in such an environment. I have enjoyed sitting in meetings and just absorbing the content and ideas that are developed throughout them.

Being an accounting and finance major, Microsoft Excel is one piece of software that I will be using a lot in my future career. I have not done any number crunching with it here, but I have been able to work on it by creating different spreadsheets to organise information about current and future projects that Rix is working on.

When I was in high school, I participated in a club called Best Buddies which focused on doing activities with individuals with different learning disabilities. I also participated in Special Olympics which was always a great experience. I think it’s amazing how Rix works with individuals who have learning disabilities in an inclusive working environment. I love seeing the inclusivity and how they incorporate the co-researchers into their projects, allowing them to share their ideas and opinions. I was also able to sit in a meeting with the co-researchers to develop case studies and emphasise the importance of the Rix Wikis. It’s been inspirational to see how the Rix Wiki software can greatly improve communication and inclusivity for people with learning disabilities. I can see how the platform benefits the lives of people with learning disabilities as well as those working and communicating with them. A person’s Wiki shows the people working with them how they communicate, what they like, what they don’t like, and how they want to be supported, and this is so important. If the people involved are not prepared, and don’t know these details in advance, it can be hard to do things as simple as going to the doctor. Those basic tasks should not be as difficult as they are, but through the use of Rix Wikis they can be made easier.

Overall, my time at Rix has allowed me to see the organisation and understand its importance. I have also been able to do tasks that I believe are beneficial not only to me and my personal learning experience but also to the Rix Inclusive Research Institute.

Written by Emily Kwon, Capa intern