Using Rix EasySurvey Lite to check in with people

The need for regular face-to-face contact during the Coronavirus lockdown is forcing us to find new ways of staying in touch and checking that those we care for and care about are safe and well.

Video calls using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime etc. are the default solution for those who are able to access and use these apps and we should be encouraging the use of these with support networks and care providers.

The Rix Stay Connected project is piloting the use of the Rix Multi me toolkit to enable people to chat with others in their circles of support and give structure to their time at home. The user friendly and colourful interface and the ability to add media like photos, stickers and videos make this a fun and engaging platform.

Rix EasySurvey also has its part to play during these unprecedented times. Sending out a short accessible survey is a quick and easy way to check in with the people we support. This could be done on a daily or weekly basis and would enable support workers, Social Workers, clinicians, teachers and other professionals to chart the changes in people’s wellbeing over a period of time by looking at the data that is submitted to the EasySurvey account holders.

EasySurvey checking in screen
Connect to our Checking in survey

We are offering free trials of EasySurvey Lite and encourage you to take up this offer in order to help stay connected during the Coronavirus lockdown. Try out this groundbreaking software and let us know what you think.

To sign up for your free trial click on the link button below:

EasySurvey Lite free trial