First Rix Innovation Lab Discusses Wiki Use

On Wednesday 2nd May 2016, Rix Inclusive Research along with their London Scholars and colleague Darren Sharpe from IHHD (Institute for Health and Human Development) at the University of East London, hosted the first Rix Innovation Lab.

The innovation labs aim to aid in creating a Rix Wiki Evaluation Toolkit. The aims of this toolkit will be to develop a framework to sustain the use and implementation of Rix Wikis, within schools, health and social care services, as well as capture the impact of Rix Wikis within these services.

The day was attended by various professionals from a range of schools, services and local authorities and some great discussion were had.

The event consisted of discussions on the following topics:

  • How the Rix Wiki corresponds with Legislative framework, such as Mental Capacity Act, Care Act, SEND Reforms etc.
  • Why each service/organisation purchased the Rix Wiki?
  • How each service/organisation is using the Rix Wiki?
  • What processes are in place and what are the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)?
  • Current evaluation processes?
  • What needs to be evaluated?

The discussions were all very interesting and we will now look to use these discussions to prepare for our second Innovation Lab.

We would like to thank everybody who attended, your contributions were greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you all at our second Innovation Lab!

Another thank you to our Graphic Facilitator for the day Charlie Minnion, who was able to capture all of our discussions in a graphical illustration.