Social Inclusion of Learners Conference – London – April 2018


The Social Inclusion of Learners project (SoIL) are hosting networking conferences and seminars across Europe to share our research findings and build a network of professionals.  Rix Inclusive Research are hosting the SoIL conference in London and we would like to welcome educators and teachers to join us on the 20th April 2018.

Conference details:
Date: 20/04/18
Location: Good Hotel London
Time: 9am – 5pm

Picture from the SOiL conference in Bratislava, October 2017
The Social Inclusion of Learners project (SoIL) is a collaborative project funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus + programme. SoIL is a cooperation of six partners bringing together their respective inclusive, individualised learning methods and expertise. The objectives of the project are to:
  1. Evaluate inclusive, individualised teaching methods in the classroom.
  2. Foster the inclusion of disadvantaged learners (including children of newly arrived migrants and people with disabilities) whilst preventing and combatting discriminatory practices.
  3. Empower teachers to be able to address the needs of all learners and understand the diversity of learners.
  4. Build a network of experts, educators and policy and decision makers to disseminate information and progress.
  5. Create open access resources to empower educators.
Rix Inclusive Research are hosting the SoIL conference in London and we would like to welcome educators and teachers to join us on the 20th April 2018.
By attending, you will find out about:
  • Apps and tools that you can use in your teaching practice
  • The principles of Multimedia Advocacy
  • Tips on making information more inclusive and ‘Easy to Read’
  • See the impact of the ‘School on the Move’ and meet students who are part of it
  • Meet other professionals and share ideas
Margaret Rasfeld, Founder of the ‘School on the Move’, Germany
Margret Rasfeld is the founder of the Schule im Aufbruch (School on the Move) and she will be joining us in April to deliver a one hour lecture on the approach and its impact on education.  Margaret will also facilitate a workshop with students from one of her schools. This presentation will be of particular interest to the UK teachers.
Prof Andrew T. Minnion MBE, University of East London, UK
Athina Tempriou, University of East London, UK
Debbie Kilbride, University of East London, UK
John Galloway, Tower Hamlets, London Local Authority, UK
Tina Gazovicova, CVEK, Slovakia
Stana Schenck, Schenck Consultants, Germany
Gosia Kwiatkowska, University of East London, UK
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Project Partners: Rix Inclusive Research from London, Schule im Aufbruch from Germany (School on the Move), aTempo from Austria, CVEK form Slovakia, Gemeente Maastricht from Netherlands, Casa Corpului CCD – Didactic Centre by the Ministry of Education in Romania and Schenck Consultancy from Germany.