Rix Research recognised as international best practice at Berlin conference

Rix Research & Media’s Multimedia Advocacy approach has been recognised by the German government as an example of international best practice in the field of inclusion. We were honoured to be invited to present at the Inclusion Days 2017 Conference in Berlin, alongside leaders in inclusion practice and research from across the globe.

The conference, which took place on 4th & 5th December, was held at the Berlin Congress Centre and brought together an audience of policy makers and practitioners interested in improving people’s physical access to services, information and education.

Acting Director of Rix Research Gosia Kwiatkowska attended the conference to help deliver a presentation as part of the European SOIL project consortium.

Gosia also delivered a presentation along with Kathryn Stowell from Charlton Park Academy entitled ‘Multimedia Advocacy & Rix Wikis’. The presentation was delivered to 80 people as part of a panel forum. They talked about the person-centred principles of Multimedia Advocacy and how these can be applied in education to support inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities, speakers of other languages and migrant communities.

Gosia said “It’s been a fantastic conference, and a powerful platform to disseminate and promote adoption of these inclusive education practices that have the real potential to change lives and improve outcomes for the individual.”

The presentation was well received and stimulated a lot of interest and discussion from an audience that included the German Minster of Education.

The Rix approach is described on page 50 & 51 of the published conference papers.