IncluEdu Project

Rix Inclusive Research was a partner organisation for the three year European project, Inclu Edu, from 2014 -2017. IncluEdu is a strategic partnership of leading European Educators and Researchers who collectively have a unique expertise in the field of ICT and inclusive learning. IncluEdu, with the support of EU project funding, has developed a range of competence based courses that enable European Educators to use tablets and mobile devices to activate and empower their learners.  The courses, which are delivered in a number of major European cities, aim to enable European education organisations to provide more inclusive, personalised education for people with and without special educational needs.

Alongside our tablet courses we have created a lively online community platform where educators can exchange ideas and best practice with like-minded peers from across Europe. They can also access a wide range of learning resources and success stories, from which they can draw inspiration and gain concrete practical skills. Register here to join the community yourself.

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are now commonplace in today´s society and we see a significant increase in their usage in school and adult education. The use of mobile devices radically changes the way we learn through enhanced motivation to learn and new possibilities for personalised and group learning. Rix has developed the best practice model for implementing personalised learning with tablets using person-centred multimedia advocacy approaches and tools.  These approaches empower individuals to take control of their lives, and to communicate and fully engage with their learning.

IncluEdu has designed a range of competence based courses that enable teachers and educators to successfully introduce tablets and mobile ICT into their teaching and learning. Our courses help teachers to become more effective educators who can activate and empower their learners using tablets and mobile devices.